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Essentials: Dinner Etiquette

You've been invited to dinner at that swanky, new restaurant in town. You know the one, everyone's talking about it. You read an article that describes the saffron smoked trevally on pumpkin ravioli as delectable. You don't even know what those words mean yet your mouth still waters like a St Bernard's on a hot summers day. Maybe it's a business dinner, perhaps it's a love interest, maybe it's just one of your old college buddies, who's in town for the weekend and wants to catch-up. Whatever the reason for your meeting, always remember to bring your A-game when it comes to dinner etiquette. Let's look at a possible timeline of your evening: You're getting ready. All your basic grooming should...

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Essentials: Toughness

What does it mean to be tough in this world? The answer is not in how much you bench press. It's not in how fast you took the corner. It's not in how many notches you have on your bedpost.  The answer is simple. When life has you backed into a corner, how do you respond? When nothing is going the way it was supposed to, do you throw in the towel or regroup and sail forward? Can you take a punch from failure right in the jaw, shrug it off, smile and come back for more? True toughness is proved in response to adversity, not in accomplishment.            

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Organisation: Clear Desk, Clear Mind

It's a monday morning. Your phone is ringing, your inbox is flooded and you're still a coffee shy of being nice to your colleagues. Time is short and there's business at stake. The deals aren't gonna close themselves. It's time to focus. Nothing clouds your mind like a clutter on your desk. Documents spread out every which way but loose, notes you made to yourself which you can't actually read, and where the hell's a pen when you need one! It's a stress you just don't need. Not only will it disrupt your creative thought process, it will bring down your positivity and effect your overall work performance. Maybe it's that single unreturned phone call which lost you the years biggest sale....

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Essentials: Kindness

Kindness. It's a core value of ours. Being kind to others is something that is often lost in the dog eat dog world we live in. But in treating both your colleagues and competitors with kindness, respect and loyalty, you can show the kind of person you are. Set the standard. Be kind. It's classier. Remember, morality is not for sale.    

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