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The ocean provides mankind with so much, the food we eat, the water we drink, even the air we breathe. In recent times man has abused this valuable resource almost to the point of no return.

We at Jack Dusty believe we can make a difference. For this reason, we choose a different marine charity every year and donate a percentage of all net profits to their cause. This year, we've chosen the OCEANA CHARITABLE TRUST, an organisation striving to protect and preserve the well-being of our oceans.
in 2020, with climate change and ocean plastics increasing at a rate far worse than we could imagine, we decided that we needed to do more. That's why we have created the social enterprise, BEACHEE. Through this organization we arrange and sponsor beach cleans around the country and design and sell merchandise, where 100% of the profits go towards coastal conservation. 

Social Responsibility

At Jack Dusty we care how and where our garments are sourced and manufactured. That is why we ensure all of our suppliers' factories treat their employees in a fair and legal manner.
All of the factories used in the supply chain undertake strict auditing processes from external governing bodies such as WRAP, BSCI & SGS. These organisations ensure every employee is paid fairly, works a humane amount of hours, and is of legal working age.