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Red: The colour of Romance

Ask Latin America about the colour red. They'll tell you it's the symbol of fire, passion and love. For centuries, great restaurants have been thriving off romance. There is no better combination of class, flash and intimacy than a beautiful night out at your favourite dinner spot. Red is the perfect colour to captivate your patrons and give them the night out they deserve. Jack Dusty's featured red garments for your staff could be the perfect finishing touch you have been looking for. So do what the Latinos do. Go with the romance. Go with the red.      

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Fathers Day

To all the Dads out there... Thank you. Thank you for teaching us what it means to work hard For showing us what a gentleman is. And for having our backs, no matter what. Happy Fathers Day, From the boys at Jack Dusty.  

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A Toast to the small victories

There is no such thing as an over-night success. It may seem like all the luck in the world falls in the lap of someone else, but it's not the case. Success is a lifelong grind, and it is spotted with failure all the way through. Ideas you never followed through on. Offers you made only to be rejected on the spot. Money you invested that you never saw again. These failures stick in our mind, and stay there, stunting our growth and affecting our goal-setting for the negative. Worst of all, they inhibit our confidence going into the next opportunity. So how do we combat these consequences? First of all, we put them in perspective. A failure will always be bigger in...

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Set The Tone - Jack Dusty Uniforms

Introducing Jack Dusty uniforms for bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes.  Hospitality is a tough business to crack. If you want to survive, you have to be pretty damn good, but if you want to be the best, you have to be perfect. Let it start with the presentation. You need to establish yourself in this crowded marketplace they call hospo. Give your future customers a lasting first impression. Your staff's attire will set the tone for who you are as a place of business. When your employees look good, they feel good, and when they feel good, their service will be second to none. It's a vital part of your business and if you skimp here what will it say about your food? Our hand-picked range includes a...

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Progression: A Lesson from the Shark

Sharks are portrayed as beasts to be feared. They are made out to be killers, hunters, evil beings with bloodthirsty intentions. Seeing them in this light is nothing short of an ignorance. Instead, let's look at what we can learn from these ancient creatures. The Shark is continually moving. Progressing. A huge force of forward momentum. While humans wait, stall, procrastinate and delay what we really want to do, we go through our lives afraid of taking risks and seizing every opportunity presented before us.  Worst of all, we dwell on the past. The shark is blessed with the inability to move backwards. He has no choice but to push on with things, consumed only by the thought of his...

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