A Toast to the small victories

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There is no such thing as an over-night success.
It may seem like all the luck in the world falls in the lap of someone else, but it's not the case.
Success is a lifelong grind, and it is spotted with failure all the way through. Ideas you never followed through on. Offers you made only to be rejected on the spot. Money you invested that you never saw again. These failures stick in our mind, and stay there, stunting our growth and affecting our goal-setting for the negative. Worst of all, they inhibit our confidence going into the next opportunity.
So how do we combat these consequences? First of all, we put them in perspective. A failure will always be bigger in our minds than anywhere else. Don't fear them, expect them. The first reality is, they will come, but the second reality is, they are small and they are often some of the best lessons you'll ever learn.
Perhaps, the biggest mistake of all is not recognising the small victories. They are happening all the time but we forget to celebrate them, or even acknowledge them. Think of the last deal you sealed. A task you completed. An acquaintance you made, extending your network opportunities for the future. These are the little bursts of fuel that turn the small victories into great ones, but more importantly they give us the push we need to get over the speedbumps of failure.
So fill your glass, raise it up and toast to your latest success.









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