Progression: A Lesson from the Shark

Jack Dusty Clothing & Lifestyle blog - Progression: A lesson from the shark

Sharks are portrayed as beasts to be feared. They are made out to be killers, hunters, evil beings with bloodthirsty intentions.
Seeing them in this light is nothing short of an ignorance. Instead, let's look at what we can learn from these ancient creatures.
The Shark is continually moving. Progressing. A huge force of forward momentum. While humans wait, stall, procrastinate and delay what we really want to do, we go through our lives afraid of taking risks and seizing every opportunity presented before us. 
Worst of all, we dwell on the past. The shark is blessed with the inability to move backwards. He has no choice but to push on with things, consumed only by the thought of his prey in the future. He remains unfazed by missed opportunities of the past.
Step inside the mind of a shark. Think only of your journey forward. Learn from history and mistakes, but only as a means of bettering your future. Forget the negatives. Let memories of past failures fade into the distance. 
Possibly the shark's most valuable quality is his focus. He steers in one direction, straight ahead. He avoids what he must and steers clear of things that may slow him. He is unswayed by peripheral irrelevance. Doubters. Naysayers. Haters. They are all just versions of a soul deeply threatened by him. Let this be our most important lesson. The shark is aware of them, but he pays it no mind. He has learnt to live with it. Maybe even to love it. He knows ultimately it only strengthens his momentum.
Follow the shark's example. Don't be a small fish lost in a deep ocean. Don't let the hate derail you. Don't be weakened by the past. Don't lose focus on your prey of the future. And don't ever, for a second, stop.




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