The Forgotten Fundamentals

Humans are masters of forgetting. We have an attention span that is decreasing by the generation. We are distracted by the slightest things. And we often find ourselves stressed out over situations we cannot control.
Sometimes we need to take a step backwards and assess the situation. Give yourself a second to breath.
Now, remind yourself of the what you can control.  What do you do with your life? Take yourself back to the fundamentals. 

You're a tradesman.

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Manual labour is what you're made of. You've never feared it. You've expected it. You've earned a living off of it. Just as your father did. You can fix things just as easily as you can take them apart. The neighborhood knows if there's a job to be done, you're the man to do it. But you've grown tired. You're not as young as you once were. The days seem a little longer than they used to. The tasks a little more mundane. It's time to hire an apprentice. Choose someone who embodies the same energy and ingenuity you had when you set out on this profession:  A hard worker. More of a do-er, less of a talker. A student waiting to take in the offer of your knowledge. Teach him the tricks of the trade. The nooks and crannies of a job well done. In passing on what you know, your passion will be reignited. You'll see the beauty of the hard work you fell in love with through fresh eyes. Hell, you might even learn a thing or two yourself.

You're a lawyer.

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Go back to day one of law school when you walked through the doors with a vision of the professional you wanted to be. Remember the pure teachings of the law itself, not the long list of clients to call back, invoices to bill or the 90 minute meeting with the partners to sit through. Pay attention to the small details which separate the great from the good. Know your competition better than they know you. Visualize owning the courtroom with a knowing ease, the once divided jury bound together by the weighted sincerity of your case-winning closing statement. You're driven by the foundation of this beautiful craft, not the rewards. That's why you're the best.

You're an athlete.

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You have the money. The fame. The envy of your peers. You are the hero on the poster on the bedroom wall of the little boy you once were.
But something is missing. Something that little boy has that slipped away somewhere along the disillusioning road of success. That feeling that you had when you swished the ball through the net. You were a goal chasing dreamer. A small lone figure working on his game in a deserted 2 court recreation center at 6 A.M. Every Morning. You worked while the others slept. Not because you wanted to. Because you were compelled to. Because you loved this game so badly that it wasn't a game anymore. It was everything. Recapture what it was that boy played so hard for. The reason he first set foot on the court. He's the reason they call you the best. You owe it to him.

You're a husband.

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10 years that ring's been wrapped on your finger. 10 years since the she walked the aisle, looking so beautiful you had to remind the best man who was marrying her. The smile on her face so bright you couldn't wait to see it in the morning. "You may now kiss the bride" And you did, like you'd never kissed her before.
You haven't kissed her like that since. Life took over. You had kids. You both had careers. Time intended for each other was instead spent on stress. Routine is the enemy of romance. So tonight, go home early. Whatever you had on, rain-check it. Nothing is more important than her. Walk through the door, look at her, and let her remind you of why you married her. You're wedding day was 10 years ago, but she's still your bride. You may now kiss her.
When short of answers, look to the fundamentals. They won't let you down.











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