Summertime Road Trip

Summer is well and truly here. It's the time of the year when you can take some time off.
You've worked hard. You've made the progress you set out to make. You've achieved your goals.
Now take the time to enjoy the rewards. It's time to relax and spend some time with the ones who matter the most to you. It's time to get away.
Take a Road Trip
Jack Dusty CLothing and Lifestyle blog - Mans hand planning a roadtrip on a map with a coffee.
A true classic. There's something beautiful in driving the highways. Feeling the connection to the ones who drove before you. You look back on those early memories, seeing your father so confidently behind the wheel. The man in control. Now that man is you.
And a road trip is only as good as the ones you're riding with:
A drive down the countryside with the woman in your life is a perfect way to show her your romantic side. Put on a classic album and enjoy the scenery. Opt for the rustic motel. The timeless setting of a tv with only three channels, the soft glow of the bedside lamp and the car parked just outside the door is intimate and priceless. The first rays of the morning sunshine when you get back on the road is pretty tough to beat too.
Riding with friends. Enjoy the laughs. Stop at a rural pub you might not get back to again. Shoot some pool and enjoy a hot cooked meal. If you're driving through the night, share the driving duties. Falling asleep in the passenger seat while your best mate takes the wheel is an age old kiwi tradition.
Jack Dusty Clothing & Lifestyle blog - Wing mirror reflection of the car and the road on a sunny evening
Or if you're hitting the road alone, it can be a great opportunity to reflect. Every man needs time to be alone with his thoughts. Take the coastal route. Wherever or whoever you're driving to, enjoy the journey of getting there. It makes the arriving that much more rewarding.
So get out there next weekend. Throw on a fresh Dusty tee, grab the keys, and hit the road.

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  • Louise

    Love these blogposts! This Summer road trip one is so evocative of all that is precious about Summer and really makes me feel like just up staking and hitting the road to the beach!

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