Keeping the Class in Christmas

The year flew by and it's that time again.
The tree is up. The cake is baking. The Christmas album plays the songs that take you back to simpler times. Roll with the nostalgia, but stay in the moment. You've worked hard all year. You've taken care of business. Now step back and enjoy the memories of the future.
Make this Christmas a classy one, for you and your family.
When it comes to timeless Christmas etiquette, here's a few things to remember.

It's the office Christmas Party

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Have a drink or two- but keep it light. Show that you can have a good time while holding your liquor. No one wants to be the overly-drunk guy that people reference at future parties.
Get each member of your team a bottle of something nice -That's right, not just the boss. In any form of relationship, gratitude is a proven ingredient of success. In showing appreciation of the work they put in for you and with you, the working bond will be strengthened into the new year and beyond.

It's Christmas Eve

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Get the wrapping done - nothing adds stress like last minute gift wrapping. Set aside some time early in the night. Wrap each present with care. A nice touch is to wrap each of your presents in a consistent colour, so the family know who it came from.
Remember the card - Sometimes we get so focused on the gift, we forget the card. Personalizing The message you write to a loved one can mean more than any material item.
The Christmas movie - Nothing sets the mood like an end of year classic. Put on an old time favourite. It's a wonderful life is one of our recommendations. A classic never failed anyone on Christmas Eve.
Put out a biscuit and a little scotch for Santa - Let the kids know like any hardworking gent, Santa has a big night ahead of him. Leave it under the fireplace and get the kids tucked in. A quick reading of The Night Before Christmas is the perfect way to wrap up Christmas Eve. And don't forget, a sneaky carrot for Rudolph.

It's Christmas Morning

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Be the first one up - Let your other half catch a few extra winks before the kids come rushing in. Put on a fresh brew of coffee. Get the turkey basted, stuffed and in the oven. Let the rest of the family wake up to scene already set
It's time for presents - Once everyone has a gift in hand, let the unwrapping begin.
Be a gentleman and open yours last.
Always be grateful - We've all had that gift we either haven't wanted, needed or understood. It's important to always be appreciative of whatever you've been given and to know that it really is the thought that counts!

It's Christmas Dinner

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The Turkey is ready - Set the table. Put out the veggies and get everyone washed up and sitting down. Make sure everyone's glass is full and propose a toast. To health, to family and to happiness.
Enjoy the meal - Let yourself laugh and savor this moment. You're with the ones you love. Count your blessings. We've all had a Christmas alone, so be thankful for the food on your table, the gifts you've unwrapped and the company you keep.
Lastly, do the dishes - Everyone is happy and fed. Smiles are all around. The last step to be taken is to clean up this mess. Be the one to handle it. Let the others kick back while you clear the table and get everything squared away. A true gentleman is a master of his quarters. Even on Christmas. 
Most Importantly, Keep Smiling
Christmas can be stressful at times. There's a lot to think about and many a plan to make. Remember the most important thing is giving. Whether it's gifts, love or attention, always give it with a smile. These are the times your family will remember the most.
If you smile, so will they.

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