Don't Call It a "Resolution"

It’s New Year's Day.

Jack Dusty Clothing and Lifestyle blog - the year 2017 etched into a sandy beach, a wave about to come and wash it away
You celebrated as the countdown to 2017 reached its pinnacle. Auld Lang Syne played while you stole a midnight kiss from your sweetheart. Fun was had, memories were made.
The morning after, you can't even take your first sip from that novelty coffee mug you received for Christmas. People are already broadcasting their New Year's Resolutions, most of which will be long forgotten by February.
So this year why not try something different...
Achievement is built on a combination of perseverance and realistic goal-setting. Before you look at the million things you can do better, start by looking at what you already do well. Take your eyes off 2017 and take a look back at 2016. Forget the negative. See the positive. What did you achieve? What strides did you take that pushed you from where you were a year ago, to where you are now?
Motivation is so often stunted by listening to all the things you could do better, whether it be from others, or yourself. On the other hand, reinforcement of what your strengths are, and what you’ve improved on, are much more powerful. This is the universe’s way of telling you that your hard work is paying off. When we see the proof, we form a healthy addiction to progression, thus motivating us to continue on the path to the end goal.
So don’t call it a resolution.
Now, this is not in any way a message in support of complacency. On the contrary. It is merely encouraging a shift in perception of self-motivation and self-inspiration. Do not start this year by thinking “I’m starting from square one, and I’m going to eliminate my flaws and weaknesses cold turkey”. Think “I’m going to build on the positive steps I have already taken to enhance my strengths and achieve my goals”. More often than not, you’ll find that thinking in this positive light causes your weaknesses to eliminate themselves.
So don’t call it a resolution.
Are you sick of hearing that? Are you sitting there reading this saying “Okay, so what the hell do I call it?”
Call it an adjustment.
Great minds across every field you can think of are skilled in the art of self-adjustment. Consider Picasso coming back to a painting a day later, assessing to see if it's truly the physical embodiment of the vision he had in his mind when he started on the blank canvas. He’s not tearing that painting up, throwing it away and starting from scratch. He’s adjusting.
Kobe Bryant would watch hours of game footage, looking at spacing, technique, reading the defence, studying his upcoming opponent. All to prepare him for the little adjustments needed to give his best possible performance, night in and night out. 
When Jack Dusty set sail on calm blue seas, carried along by a gentle breeze, he knew that the ocean is a beast of constant change. When the seas ran high, and the strong winds hit, he was calm. He was ready. He adjusted the sails.
Happy New Year.

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