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Meet the Duo Behind Apron.co.nz

Collaborating with Sharespace in April 2022. First things first - could you give us a brief overview of Apron.co.nz?  Kia Ora Sharedspace! Thank you so much for having us, it’s an honour to chat with you. We are the dynamic female duo Grace and Constance behind Jack Dusty – Apron.co.nz. An interesting and little known fact about our brand name Jack Dusty, is its meaning and origin which comes from the naval, nautical slang - a name for an assistant to a ship's steward, who works in the ship's stores, or ‘Jack of the Dust.’  We are New Zealand’s premium workwear and uniform supplier. With carefully selected collections and a focus on high-quality goods and custom branding. Our hero products are our aprons; especially our Organic, Fairtrade range and our ever popular Cross Back Canvas range.   What inspired you to get involved with Apron.co.nz? We both...

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The Little Things In Life

In the midst of modern life We often overlook the little things; The last glimpse of the sinking sun, the midnight smile she gave you, that first sip of sunday morning roast.... The brand new tee in your wardrobe.

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